Monday, November 24, 2008

Just do it

I'm trying to hard to get out of going to the gym at lunch. I have all my stuff here, and I LOVE the class.

But I'm so cold. I just called my husband and tried my best to get him to meet me for a big bowl of Viatnamese soup, but he turned me down. Which is what I was kind of secretly hoping for, becuase it would force me to go to teh gym. How did I brave the freezing cold on Saturday and am trying to avoid going to a wicked gym class. I'm insane... that's how.

Update: I went to the class at lunch, and so very happy that I did.

In other news: I'm having trouble keeping a journal. It just seems I never have it with me when I need it. Where do you keep your journal? In your purse? At home? I suppose I could keep it at home, I always (and I mean always) bring my lunch, so I know what I'm going to eat during the day. And I can write down any incidentals (ie: cookie from last week). I need to get back into journalling, my weight is hovering around the 157 (of course I'd rather it be going down, but at least it's not going up!) and I know the holidays are going to be tricky. Does anyone feel like being a scrooge and not attending the 1982734687 christmas parties just so they can avoid the food? Isn't that HORRIBLE? I want to avoid seeing my friends and family and celebrating the best time of year becasue I'm afraid of the FOOD???

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Amy said...

Way to go on getting to the class hotstuff!