Tuesday, December 30, 2008


1 - My weight is the same as before the holidays - woo hoo!
2 - I was up early enough to pack a lunch. I was actually awake since about 5am listening to the wind thinking my windows were going to shatter any minute.
3 - I have another gym session planned for today
4 - Only two parties to go to between now and the end of the holiday season!

Not so good.... I went to my mom and Rick's for supper last night cause Jeff was at the hockey game (Canada vs Germany) and I can not control myself around Quality Street chocolates. I had 8. Yes 8. That easily wipes out my gym workout from yesterday. Then Rick made the yummiest shrimp risotto for supper. At least I said no to the ice cream. That's gotta count for something right?

So while I am quite happy that I have maintained my weight over the holidays (which was my goal) I've realized that I'm using the fact that I've been consistently going to the gym as an excuse to indulge. I know it's Christmas. But that's no reason to eat 8 chocolates in one night. Or keep nibbling on all the yummy foods. Or for meeting friends to go out for lunch and supper and making not so good choices. I'm getting right back into it today... my goal? No chocolate for today! I'll report back tomorrow.

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Carolyn said...

WOW! You maintained?!?! That is HUGE Christy! What a sucess!