Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a super fun New Year's Eve. We headed over to my sister and her husband's house for some jambalya, brie & onion bake, chips and dip (we were so full we didn't eat dessert) and a night of Wii and cranium.

I am loving Wii - it's all about the two player tennis and boxing (we just use the games that came with it for now). A few times after the boxing I was left a titch out of breath. I really get into it though. Now today (two days later) I am totally feeling the effects of the Wii! My upper back, shoulders and arms are killing me. Love it.

Yesterday I took all the Christmas decorations down because our cleaning lady comes today so I'd rather her clean after everything is down. Then after the boys napped we went to my mom and Ricky's for some New Year's Day dinner and drinks! The past two weeks have been so busy that I can honestly say I'm quite happy all the insanity is over and our lives will be back to some sort of normalcy (although, our lives are never quite normal). I'm back at work today (boo) but with my gym stuff (yay). I'm predicting that Monday the gym will be insanity so I'm talking to my boss about taking an alternate lunch hour (like from 10-11) so I can do my workout then and not have to wait for the treadmill.

The past two days I have been eating nonstop. That all stops today. I was even scared to put on my jeans today, but they zipped and buttoned up without a problem, so I sighed a breath of relief.

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