Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I have a feeling that 2009 is going to be a really great year. I've never been out to make resolutions - maybe it's because I know I will always fail so why bother making them? But I do think about what I want to accomplish, change, start, finish each year at least mentally. Maybe this year I should write them down.

Or maybe I shouldn't. Maybe this year is going to be busy enough. I really don't know what to expect.

Jeff and I are pregnant! I'm due July 21st (so just 11 weeks now, even though my doctor kept saying 13 weeks because of my LMP but I knew I conceived late, 4 weeks after my period started!). I had an ultrasound on Dec 31st and the baby was moving around and had a strong heartbeat of 169. I've been super paranoid and nervous the past couple months, but after seeing that ultrasound I feel a huge relief. I know I'm not past the three months yet, but I'm much more relaxed and now super excited after seeing the baby. It's funny, I never had an ultrasound this early with Carson (our first u/s was at 20 weeks) so I've never really seen a baby that small on the ultrasound. The whole body was moving around (and then turned outwards, "looking" right at me with his hands up in the air on either side. I couldn't stop laughing, and told the technician it was a little creepy, skeleton little face).

So far I haven't gained anything (although that most likely changed after last night) and I was checking my blog from when I was pregnant with Carson and I had gained 7 lbs by this point. I'm starting off on the right foot at least!

Perhaps my new year's resolution for the first half of the year would be to keep eating healthy and to not use "I'm pregnant, eating for two (total myth, but I swore by it my first pregnancy)" line. To keep going to the gym (not overdo it, but 4 times a week would be good) and to just be sensible. Follow the Healthy Guidelines, eat a wide variety of foods and keep moving.

Here's to a wonderful 2009!

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Anne said...

Happy New Year! Congratulations to both of you!!

desajair said...

Happy New Year! Summer baby! Whohoo!

Jeff's pregnant too? Wow, how'd that happen? LOL, just kidding.

Oh, and I'm putting my vote in early for a girl. 8)

Anonymous said...

I heart you!!!!!

You know how immensely proud I am of you, right? *THIS* much (hold your arms out wide!).

You are SO having a little girl, and we are SO going to oggle over pink frilly things when we meet.:-)

Happy New Year!


Sonya said...

Oh yeah, I'm blogging again!

So please come and visit me, because I'm feeling all lonely over there. It has been awhile.:-)

Malinda said...

well I'm a little behind on my blog reading!!! but what a wonderful post to read!!!

congrats to you both... I'm so looking forward to following this pregnancy from afar!!

Cheers to a happy and healthy pregnancy with only required weight gain! ;-)

Teresa said...

What wonderful news. Wishing you and your family all the best for 2009. Take care.

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I'm sort of late to the party, but CONGRATS! Awesome on the no gaining either!