Friday, January 2, 2009

Early weekend

I just got back from a good run on the treadmill (I'm doing ten minutes walk/ten minutes running to keep my heart rate under 140) and was about to head out to pick up Subway (had to run around cleaning the house up for the cleaning lady today, so no time to pack a lunch) and was told we get to leave at 2 today. Yipee.

So I have a few things to return, do a quick grocery shop and then it's the weekend.

I have some people coming by tonight to pick up a few things I sold on We are really trying to reduce teh amount of stuff we have - our storage room is insane. And it's all good stuff, so I decided might as well make money rather than let it gather dust.

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MizFit said...

great job on the tread (and on the selling stuff. I need to get a move on decluttering around here or 2009 will be just like 2008:)).

whatcha doing to MOVEMOVE this weekend?