Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturdays are my favourite day of the week

I suppose I don't have to explain why :)

Our fridge is on the fritz. A few months ago it got to be pretty warm in the fridge so we defrosted it one night and then it's been fine. Until now. It was with the house when we bought it, and the owners had been here since 01 so it's got to be 8 years old. Anyways, we have a few options but it's the last thing I want to be spending money on right now.

thanks Mizfit for reminding me to movemove this weekend. It's a tad windy out there but I think Carson and I will head out for a long walk and tobaggon later this afternoon.

I really have to keep my weight gain at a minimum this time around. Need I remind you that with Carson I gained 75 lbs? The last couple of months have been somewhat easy (well, that is before Christmas) because I had morning sickness and some days couldn't keep anything down (blessing in disguise?). But now my appetite is back, somewhat. There are still some things I can't stomach and mostly I am craving comfort foods. So today I'm going to look up some recipes for comfort food, but healthy ones. I love the Eat Shrink and Be Merry chicken pot pie, so I think I'll have to get all the ingredients ready to make that tomorrow night. Any good ideas for healthy comfort foods?

Last night I made the barefoot Contessa's hummus and it was probably the best hummus I've ever made and most certainly better than any store bought hummus. It took all of about 5 minutes too. Yumm-o. For lunch I think I'll have a hummus sandwich with sprouts, pickles and onions.

Since I've got pregnant I've gone through two big bottles of pickles, can't get enough.

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MizFit said...

hope you had a great and moooooooooving day.

(love the hummus link as well)
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