Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christy - 1 Treats - 0

I've been allowing myself a treat a day (some days more) the past couple of weeks. It's kept me going through the day and I haven't seen it's affect on the scale yet so I keep doing it.

The treats range anywhere from a 300 calorie bowl of ice cream to a 100 calorie bag of popcorn to a 70 calorie popsicle.

I just know myself and once treats become a daily routine then more treats and poor eating creep into my routine. Commonly used phrases by me are "I had ice cream last night, I may as well have a muffin this morning", which was exactly my train of thought a few minutes ago. Instead it was "I only had popcorn last night so I can afford a muffin this morning". I even opened up my purse to scramble together some change.

Then I went to my lunch bag and took out a container of cut up veggies and dip (fat free sour cream with onion soup mix) and had that instead.

Isn't it amazing how powerful you feel after avoiding a mishap involving sweets??

Today was the first day I had to use the old elastic band through the buttonhole for my pants. They are a size 9 and fit everywhere except in the stomach. By this time with Carson I had gained close to 10 lbs and was just fat everywhere. This time I'm forming a kind of cute little stomach (I can feel it hard underneath my layer of fat, nice description eh?) and I'm proud of it.

3 people had this to say:

Malinda said...

and you should be so proud of that growing belly... you're going to be all belly this time around I just know it!


Anonymous said...

i used the elastic band as well...until I found the bella band. Loved it - I could wear some of my pants till 20 weeks. But you have to get the name barnd one.


Carolyn said...

Awww Your little baby bump. Can't wait to see pics!