Sunday, January 11, 2009


I did SO well over Christmas. Maintaining? Over Christmas? While pregnant? Unheard of for me!

But this past week has been ugly with a capital U. It involved chocolate bars (2), a litre of ice cream, 2 drumsticks (of the ice cream variety), St. Hubert's for lunch today (club sandwich + fries) and I'm sure something else I am forgetting. It also involved absolutely no exercise (besides chasing my insane 2 year old around all weekend)

But I figured out what it is (not that it was that hard to figure out) - but it's exercise. Exercise is the KEY to me staying on track. If I am exercising, I'm not putting crap into my mouth (well, at least not in excess). Last week was a bit chaotic, but this week should go alot smoother. Work is super busy but manageable. And definitely manageable enough to get my lunch hour work-outs.

I'm not worried. I know I can get back into my motivated-healthy-happy frame of mind starting tomorrow morning. Right now I have a roast in the oven, potatoes on the stove and carrots waiting to be cooked. See? Still in the comfort food way of mind.

Here is to a new healthy happy exercised filled week! I think on top of my favourite fit class tomorow at lunch I'll hit the pool for some lane swimming.

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