Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday already?

Weekends just go by much too quickly. We had a great weekend, lots of fun with friends (we had an impromptu dinner party on Saturday night and we pulled a pretty fantastic dinner together in just a few hours) and family (the whole family headed over to my brother's yesterday morning for a couple of hours. We are 4 siblings, all married with 6 kids between us, so we always have a fun time when we get together).

Last night I was tired. I haven't been getting tired, but last night on the way home from a drive I closed my eyes for a few minutes and could have easily fallen asleep. I think I made it till about 9:15 and then it was lights out. I honestly think that part of the reason I was so tired is that I didn't exercise last week. But that's changing today.

Eating wasn't oh so good, but as always, it could have been worse. I'm taking out my journal and recording everything again... that's the only time I'm really successful. And it's hard because when I'm on track, I normally eat around 20 points or 1400ish calories. But now, they you should be eating around 2000 calories (because I'm not trying to lose weight). That's a whole lot of extra calories so I eat more food but feel guilty and then sabotage myself. I don't know how to explain it really, it's a vicious cycle. So I think journalling and trying to not necessarily count points but eat 3 balanced meals (I try to incorporate all the food groups into each meal) and 2 snacks each day, and keep an eye on my weight.

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