Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No wonder

I feel bloated - when I added yesterday's exercise to my sidebar, I realized it had been 10 days since I had exercised! And with my food intake being not so stellar... I shouldn't be surprised.

Anyways, exercise was had yesterday. A good food day was had yesterday. I had pho for supper last night - we dropped Carson off at my mom and Ricky's while we went to choose a new car (nothing I hate more in this world then making car decisions!) and it was later than I thought on the way home so we stopped and pick up Viatnamese. I LOVE pho. I could eat it daily, I'm sure.

Today's lunch time exercise will be non-existant as we go to one more car dealership to figure out my stupid new car. So tonight is swimming! i didn't go last week (ugh, stupid headache) so I'm much anxious to get out there again tonight.

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Anonymous said...

let me know what you buy - we went tets driving yesterday. God I hate car dealers ....but the 1998 honad civic is not doing so well!