Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A real reason to cry

For me at least.

I have a headache. Last night it was so bad I had to get Carson to just lay in bed with me and watch TV cause it hurt too much to even keep my eyes open. As soon as Jeff got home I went to bed.

I have no problems popping pills, but when I'm pregnant, I do.

So needless to say, no swimming last night. It's still lingering (but not as bad as yesterday) so I didn't go to the gym today, I can't deal with another headache like that. If I'm feeling 100% I will be going swimming tonight and if not, I will wait to jump back into my exercise regime until tomorrow.

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Chantal said...

I have to admit that I took Tylenol for head aches when I was pregnant. I found them unbearable (still do actually).

Miss Gogo said...

I take tylenol as well. I have also been using Tiger Balm (found at Shoppers). You rub it on your temples, or all over your forehead if you have my kinda headaches. It is a menthol type thing so it burns but it makes things so bearable. I can actually wash dishes after about 15 min. of this stuff on. It saved me my last pregnancy and same with this one. I've been coming down with a cold and have a headache since Sunday.

Christy said...

Thanks for the tips ladies. It's horrible this headache. It affects every freaking part of my life. GOgo - I think I will head to shoppers tomorrow, I need sisu vitamins too :)

desajair said...

Love the tiger balm--though I never had any luck with it for headaches. I just use it at night for my twitchy legs and feet.

Good luck!