Monday, January 19, 2009

weekends are hideous!

Seriously, although they are my favourite time of the week, they are the worst in terms of eating. I just can't get a handle on it. Our schedules are so jam packed that eating at home is virtually impossible. And I'm not strong enough to make good choices while eating out.

I think I have to get back to the basics of meal planning and scheduling in not only activities for the family, but ones for me... like exercise. Last week I'm happy I had 5 work-out sessions, but followed by a weekend of poor eating (no chocolate or chips were involved though, so yay) it almost makes all that hard work not worth it.

During the week I have complete and utter control of what goes into my mouth and how I fill each day with some form of exercise. I feel wonderful during the week. And then comes the weekend and although i have fun fun fun, Sunday night as I'm going to bed I always feel bloated and fat.

I have 5 days to mentally prepare myself for this weekend coming up, and you watch... I'm going to do it!!!

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desajair said...

Doesn't it make the weeks hard work MORE worth it when you need to relax the rules a bit on the weekend?