Monday, March 2, 2009

Didn't make it...

I fell 1 short of 15 days of exercise in February. And I didn't even set my goal that high! I'm blaming it on the weather.

Actually, in reality, I will blame it on my laziness. I'm eating way too much and not exercising enough. I'm 20 weeks pregnant now, half way there, so the rest of my pregnancy I'm going to get back on my game. I feel better when I'm on top of it, the age old question, why do I stop?

Anyways, no more complaints, here we go again :)

(I'm at home today with sick child so no gym for me, when hubby gets home I'm going to hit the pavement for a good walk).

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JavaChick said...

February is a short month, and you were only off by one day - could have been worse!