Wednesday, April 8, 2009


SO busy at work I had to eat lunch at my desk which means no lunchtime workout!

I went to step again yesterday and this time tried 3 steps.  It was BRUTAL.  I was dying by the end.  And I woke up at 3am with the worst charlie horse ever and I can still feel the remnants of it today.

For supper we had a yummy stirfry, I was lazy and used a package mix for the sauce but it was quite tasty.  Just not enough sauce.  I like lots of sauce so that it coats my rice too.  I think I just put too many veggies in.  But it will be mm mmm tasty for lunch tomorrow.

Another HUGE meeting tomorrow afternoon and I'm leading it.  And get this...(only for you in the gov't will understand) it's all my branch DGs and our ADM.  Yikes.  I've been meeting with the ADM all week long so she's expecting big things from me, I only hope I can deliver!

2 people had this to say:

Amy said...

Wowsa... look at you with all the big whigs. You'll dazzle them with your charm and your intelligence no doubt! :)

ps- 3 risers? You are a crazy woman!

Anne said...

Totally understand the gov lingo, that's a huge deal! Knock them dead tomorrow!!