Tuesday, April 7, 2009


That's me.  Ok, perhaps a bit of an exageration, but these past couple days have been awesome.  I've been getting in all my exercise and haven't been indulging in treats!  I haven't even been eating all the food I bring to work (I normally probably pack more than I need) but I would rather have a yogurt and strawberries for a second afternoon snack instead of a Caramilk from the vending machine.

It SNOWED here in Ottawa yesterday and I'm rather wimpy these days so my outdoor powerwalks will be put on hold until the snow is gone.  Work has been stupid busy but I vow to not let it interfere with my lunchtime exercise.  Everyone else takes lunch, I figure I should too!

Does anyone else get annoyed with their "friends" who only talk about themselves?  You know the type that if you have a bobo - they have a bigger one?  If you have a cough, they have bronchitis?  I'm not a complainer, but sometimes it all just gets to me and I need to get it out of my system so I can move on and I'd like to think my friends would lend their ear, the same way that I do constantly for them.  Sigh, it just goes to show why my closest friends are those that I've had for 20+ years - we all grew up together so I think although we have our own differences,  we treat our friends and subsequent friendships the same way.

Oh, i still haven't found a great program yet (from my last post).  There are lots of paying programs but I hate to spend the money unless I hear from someone I know who is using it - there is just so much crap out there!  aandj I just may try google calendar - I've never even looked at it before!  I'm sure I can "deisgn" something that will work, I just wanted someone else to do the work for me :)

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Chantal said...

Oh I know those types of friends. I have a coworker like that. I try so hard to avoid those conversations but they always seem to come up. I even "broke up" with a friend a few years ago (as in I stopped replying to her e-mails) because every time we got together she just dronned on and on and I couldn't take it. It was exhausting.

aandjblog said...

She's the one upper. 'breaking up' with friends is harder than breakup with boyfriends. It sucks