Friday, April 17, 2009

My walk yesterday

KILLED me. I don't know why I took such a beating. I wrote 60 minutes before I went, it was actually closer to be about 80 (whoops, the short cut wasn't so short) and the bottoms of my feet were killing me when I got back. I had a bit of cramping towards the end too, next time I'll cut it down to closer to only one hour.

Last night we had a DELICIOUS last minute dinner. I was going to stuff chicken with pesto and goat cheese (something I learned from the wonderful - hard core runner - beautiful - inspirational AMY) but then by the time the chicken thawed I realized one of the breasts was too small and not thick enough to stuff. So we marinated them for the BBQ (just olive oil, lemon, thyme, s&p). I had already mixed up the pesto and goat cheese so I sauteed some red peppers and red onions and added the pesto/cheese mixture to the pan for the last minute. I've never done that before but it was yumm-o. Then the asparagus I added to some melted butter and cooked for about 3 minutes. Then I added parm cheese with sliced almonds - it was SO good. I got the recipe here.

So very an impromptu dinner (Lisa was coming over) it turned out to be one of the best meals we've had in a while!

2 people had this to say:

Malinda said...

oh my goodness that sounds delicious!!

Chantal said...

OMG that sounds good. I am almost regretting our plan to go to Swiss Chalet tonight!