Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I heard "High of 26" on the radio for today.

So as to not waste my shaven legs, I wore a dress and sandals today.

And on the drive to work? It started raining.

So now I look rather silly dressed so spring-ly when it's raining outside. Which, I suppose rain is the essence of spring, but I wish I would have dressed more accordingly.

However - hopefully by the time I leave work this afternoon my dress will be a touch more appropriate.

I've already eaten fudge this morning - how wrong is that? (no matter that it was DELISH). But I ate three healthy meals yesterday and a good breakfast. A packed lunch and no real dinner plans as my hubby is getting a root canal so Carson and I may go off for a little date (and stop by the cemetary, it would have been my absolute favourite Aunt's birthday today and I haven't been by in a while and I miss saying hi. My grandma, grandpa and aunt are all together)

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Chantal said...

When I told my son it was going to be 25 and sunny this aft he put on his shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I made him put on a sweater but he refused to put pants on. So today the teachers will be looking and him and thinking he has one of those moms who doesn't pay attention to how her kid dresses...

Anne said...

Thanks for your comment, Christy :)
I tried to email you through GEDS but you address isn't there....

See, you were right, the weather turned around today! Weird day, eh?