Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coming back!

Ok, it's 3 weeks tomorrow since I've had my second baby.

And in those 3 weeks, I've lost zero lbs (nothing more than initial 20ish lbs I lost the first three days since I had him). I have about 40 to go.

Yes, I'm nursing exclusively but despite those rave reviews "when I was breastfeeding the weight just fell off" I am definitely not one of the people that happens to! The weight sticks to me like glue. I didn't lose any weight until I stopped nursing my first child. Then 30 lbs came off in 3 months.

So, there's no way I am waiting until I stop nursing to lose weight. So here I am. After my morning walk, when the baby hopefully dozes off, I will be making a list of ideas for breakfasts and lunches and snacks.

The summer is always hard - yesterday we left the house at 9am and didn't come back till 7pm, so dinner was eaten out and lunch was sandwiches (but not healthy sandwiches, sandwiches on big white buns with pscuitto, mortadella, salami etc.... my step dad is Italian so those are the sandwiches served at their house!). Summers are always random, last minute and many meals away from home. I'm about to put a stop to that (well, I just plan on being more organized to pack meals if we are headed out for the day) to the best I can.

Mondays and Wednesdays I'm going to be going to Stroller Nation - this class that meets right behind my house at 9:30 and is run be a certified trainer, where you go for a 45 minute walk or run and then followed by a series of stretches and ab work. Not only will I get exercise out of it, I'm really hoping to meet some new moms in my area. I have a few friends off on mat leave right now, but it never hurts to have more. And right in my 'hood. Playdates - here we come (for the older ones, I don't think Beckett has a great need for friends right now). Although playdates are normally more for the moms then the kids I think :)

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Sonya said...

First of all, I will be the first to agree that the whole breastfeeding will make you svelte thing is total CRAP! Your appetite increases ten-fold, your body retains water and fat, and since sleep is normally lacking, it's not like you have the energy to get out and burn a million calories! All the power to other moms who have lost a lot of weight breastfeeding. I'm just not one of them.;-)

Stroller Nation sounds really fun! I'm going to a stroller fit class (which you already know!), and it is butt-kickingly good. I haven't been in awhile with my sick kiddies, but am planning to get back into it shortly.

Oh yes, playdates are totally for moms.

I heart you! Kick some butt today, okay?