Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So I promised myself I would get on the scale this morning and it was NASTY.



Seriously, yuck. I gained more weight with my last pregnancy and about two weeks after I had Carson I was down to 185. I gained less this time and my "starting weight" is higher.


So here we go again.....

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Sonya said...

I heart you!

Get ready to kick some serious butt, you can do it!:-)

malinda said...

just keep this in mind.... you've done it before, you will do it again and besides wasn't it worth it? :-)

don't be too hard on yourself while you're on vacation in PEI either.. going to be a whole lot of temptation there... cows ice cream! Need a visit to PEI badly!

desajair said...

Gosh, don't even worry about it--you're nursing a baby!!! It WILL come off, if not while your nursing, then once you're done.

Anonymous said...

i found the weight didn't come off as fats as it did the first few weeks with my second as it did with my first....who knows why


Sonya said...

Thank you, dear, *so much* for your comment. I need all the encouragement I can get.:-)

You only had the baby, oh, about ten minutes ago, so don't feel like you're making excuses for not exercising! I couldn't really bring myself into focus until 9-10 weeks, and even then, I failed quite a few times before I dusted myself off again. And here I am, at FIVE months! What's my excuse?

Plus, I think exclusively breastfeeding makes it harder to just go out and exercise whenever you feel like it. Remember, it does get easier when the babe isn't stuck to you all the time. I finally get 3-3.5 hour breaks now, in between! It's heaven.:-)


Sonya said...

Oh, and cluster feeding is NO fun. I hope it's over soon.