Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 3

Is going splendid! Went to strollercize again (met a lady who lives on my street who was talking about how her parsley is growing out of control this summer, and mine has barely grown since the day I planted it, so now I'm considering walking up the street to ask to borrow some as I found a yummy looking quinoa tabouleh recipe to try).

Had a slightly bigger than should have been lunch, but making up for it by having simply a green tea for a snack.

The only reason I am looking forward to winter is to tackle my project list.
1/ Get rid of all useless items in kitchen
2/ Bring rarely used kitchen items to storage in basement
3/ Set up storage in room beneath stairs on first floor to house all toys
4/ Turn half of the basement into playroom for the boys (involves murals, storage, painting tables, chalkboard walls....)
5/ Clean our bedroom and get rid of all useless clothes

And that's just to start! I just can't bring myself to tackle these things in the summer when I want to just be outside. Although I could have probably started something while Sir Beck A Lot slept (still is) this afternoon.

I will be posting before and after pictures of the projects too!

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Miss Gogo said...

I just did the whole kitchen thing on Saturday. Boy did it feel good! Today I am tackling the dreaded cookbook cupboard. I swear I have 20 cookbooks and use maybe 5 (not to mention all the ripped out recipes from magazines that I've never tried). Doesn't it feel good to organize???? Glad to hear you are having a successful Day 3!

Sonya said...

Great job! Ummm - please send me the quinoa tabouleh recipe when you try it out!