Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 3

Wasn't all that better but baby steps, right?

Of course, I had to finish the ice cream we had. At least now it's gone. I can see myself eating less because really, I'm so busy I don't have lots of time to sit around and snack. The baby doesn't sleep much during the day, so he keeps me pretty busy.

I was supposed to take a picture of myself yesterday, which I didn't do. But as soon as I get my lazy butt out of bed (both kids are still sleeping, why should I get up?) I'm going to make Jeff take my picture. No matter how bad it is. I'm worried about the cool weather coming. I don't have any non-summer pants that fit me. Oh wait, I think I may have had two pairs of pants that I wore after Carson.... now where the heck would they be?

Once again, it's morning time. I choose to make this day successful. We have lots of plans for the day but I'm going to face it head on and do my best. I just wish I wasn't so freaking hungry all the time. I know I've talked about it before, but when I was nursing Carson I didn't lose any weight until I stopped. And I tried. I really tried. I get the feeling it will be the same thing this time around. I know eating well and exercising can only eventually provide good results but let me tell you, in the teeny tiny small selfish part of my brain it's certainly not any incentive to nurse for the whole year!

Whoa, some weird singing thing just went off in my house.

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