Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 5 - Struggling

Big time.

Yesterday we spent the morning at this amazing park with some amazing friends and then of course, we went out for lunch because it was getting late and the kiddies were hungry. And we happened to be quite close to a very yummy restaurant.

I didn't order a salad. I ordered a club sandwich. With fries. And I got a sundae for dessert. My sister was having one, why couldn't I? Maybe because she's like a size 0 and she's pregnant and she's starving. Argh. I was annoyed with myself.

I was reading another blog this morning and she was talking about normal eating. If I'm too strict or regiment for a period of time it always inevitably turns into a binge. So I'm going to keep the term "normal eating" running through my head. Right now I can't be on a restricted calorie diet, I need the extra calories for nursing. But, just like when I was pregnant - not being able to follow a low calorie diet does not allow me the freedom to eat whatever I want whenever I want. So now I'm just going to constantly ask myself if what I am eating is what a normal person should eat. More on this later.

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Miss Gogo said...

*sigh* It sucks so much doesn't it? I've been wearing the SAME pair of capris and pair of shorts for the last 3 months. I lost 6 pounds only to have gained it back while on holidays last week. BUT, I'm not going to let it get me down. I bought a ton of veggies today and tonight i finish of the bag of Sunchips :o) and start fresh tomorrow! Because that is the good thing about eating healthy, it is never too late to start! Tomorrow is a new day for you Christy!

Christy said...

Thanks Christine!! You're right, it's never too late to start. Today went much better, I really think keeping the term "normal eating" running through my mind is helping. And now I'm going to add "its never too late to start" to it :)

Christy said...
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Teresa said...

Excellent post. Wishing you much success.