Friday, October 30, 2009

Homemade 'za

I miss pizza. I like pizza. But honestly, pizza from a pizzaplace is just too pizza-y? Too cheesy. Too crusty (tee hee). Not enough toppings, too much sauce.

We normally make our own crust, but time was of the essence today so (on my walk) I stopped by the grocery store and bought two crusts. I used up veggies, ground beef and cheese from home and it was delicious. Honestly (and really, I mean honestly) it was better than ordering pizza.

It's not like it was super healthy, but absolutely healthier than ordering it in!

Carson kept eating the cheese off the pizza! Just like his Daddy.

2 people had this to say:

Chantal said...

I make pizza like that once a week. We all love it. I like the two crust thing because I can make a pep and cheese for the boys and a fancy one for me and hubs. When I am on leave I may experiment with home made crust. Or maybe not :)

JavaChick said...

When I was growing up it was pretty rare for my parents to order takeout so we almost always had homemade pizza and I still prefer homemade to takeout.