Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's working!

I can meet my goals when I don't set them too high!

Although I suppose that's a statement that anyone can make.

I guess what I mean to say is that when I don't expect to become perfect in one week, then I can slowly become perfect one week at a time :)

AND - when you start with small goals, it kind of makes you meet more goals without meaning to. Just by drinking water, my overall eating has improved without even really concentrating on it. Things are slowly starting to fall into place. I just need to get my exercise in. By the time the kids go to bed at night, the last thing I want to do is go out for a walk. But I have to. Just like I have to start the Wii Active that's been sitting downstairs waiting for me to use.

Maybe that should be my goal next week - eating seems to be the hardest part, so I should try a few other goals before tackling that one. And hopefully, just like with the water, starting my exercise will trigger other things to fall into place.

4 people had this to say:

alea said...

I'm glad to hear things are working out for you!

JavaChick said...

Good job with the water! I think it does work to work on one thing at a time and make gradual changes - less overwhelming and you've certainly got lots to keep you busy at the moment.

Chantal said...

yup sometimes things just fall into place.

Miss Gogo said...

Great job Christy! I have Wii fit and I totally know it has contributed to my success. On the days I don't go to the gym, I squeeze in 20 min or so during afternoon nap (which also keeps me from eating) or after the kids go to bed. Keep up the great work!