Monday, October 5, 2009

One day at a time

A very smart lady told me to concentrate on one thing at a time.

She said "You're a lot like me (surprise, surprise), in that starting a "healthy plan" means being perfect everyday. And if we can't be perfect, we've failed. And if we fail, it's worth just giving up altogether. It's nonsense, really."

And it's true. If I do something not "on plan" then I toss the rest of the day out the window. Then the week. Then the month.

Which is how I've ended up where I am.

So this week? Drink more water. That's my focus. I'm going to continue exercising and eating well - but if something doesn't work out I won't stop drinking water.

5 people had this to say:

JavaChick said...

Sounds very sensible to me!

sonya said...

I heart you!

That's totally right. Even if you eat ten chocolate bars today, you will drink a TON of water. The rest will come in time.;-)

Oh, and I don't know about being smart at all. I need to practice what I preach, that's for sure!

Chantal said...

That is good advice :)

Teresa said...

Thats one smart lady. Thanks for sharing. All the best.

alea said...

Oh, I totally know what you're talking about 'failing' and then give it up altogether... One could say I'm some kind of expert in that department. Not that I'm proud of it or anything... :)

Concentrating on one thing only is sound advice. I think I'm should be following it too!