Saturday, October 3, 2009

What the hey?

Do I NOT want to succeed?
Do I WANT to keep feeling so utterly miserable about myself?
Do I WANT to make the hardest possible way, by buying treats saying I won't eat them?
Do I NOT want to feel better about myself.

I must be wanting to punish myself for something, in order for me to be acting this way.

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Sonya said...

So here's the thing:

I honestly think that you are not giving yourself enough credit here. You *just* had a baby three months ago. I know that you'll probably say that you already had one to begin with, so it's not as big of a life adjustment. But honestly? It's HUGE. You're also caring for both of them ALL the time. It is not easy at all.

Having gone through the same thing, I remember feeling so many emotions: sheer elation / happiness, guilt and fatigue. You need some time to "normalize" before you can embark on a full commitment to something else. You've got so much on your plate right now. I wasn't in a "state of mind" where I could even think about seriously losing weight until I was five months post-partum. Even then, I'm not sure I was ready to commit.

So remember, baby steps, and every little one counts. Recognize yourself for all the good choices you make. And don't beat yourself up over the bad. Because I think you're doing AMAZINGLY well.

I'm so proud of you.