Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One step closer...

I did alot of thinking this weekend. Thinking and eating. Actually, eating wasn't all that bad, surprising for a long weekend!

I think I'm turning my thoughts and efforts towards a healthy lifestyle. I don't want to be focussed on dieting constantly. I don't want to eat the fat free yogurt because it's lower calories. I want to eat regular yogurt because I enjoy the taste. I want to learn to eat when I'm hungry. To eat food that's good for my body. I want to enjoy eating, I don't want to feel guilty. I want to eat food that makes me feel good after I've eaten it, not full of regret, guilt and bloatedness. I don't want to enjoy eating fried food on the weekend. I secretly love eating fries and chicken fingers. I don't want to!

Each day I continue eating un-healthy is another day I am going to live in this overweight unhappy body being negative. Instead, each day where I make healthy choices and am proud of myself is one day closer to the body and accompanying lifestyle I want.

Anyways, I'm going to take the time to do it right. Heck, I'm not losing any weight right now so that's not my focus. The focus is to change my lifestyle, to change my habits, to change my way of thinking. I've found a ton of really great blogs that are going to help me, they are full of inspiration, motivation and brilliance.

Look forward to more positivity and energy coming from me.

2 people had this to say:

Teresa said...

Excellent post. Love that it all about a healthy lifestyle and not dieting. Wishing you well on your journey.

Malinda said...

I love this outlook!!! Changing your lifestyle will hold so many more rewards then just dieting! yeah!

I hope you'll share some of these new blogs/sites you found :-)