Thursday, November 12, 2009

Falling into place...

It's funny how sometimes it just takes feeling like an absolute and complete failure and a total disaster to realize you just have to suck it up - things worth having aren't going to just fall into your lap or come easily.

I know I'm at the beginning of this journey, so it can't get any worse then this, it can only get better.  I'm totally in charge of this and the outcome is dictated purely by my actions.  It's not like it's one of those things in life where other factors play a role.

I am in complete control.

This afternoon, I had a stressful couple of hours and then I was getting ready to have a bowl of rice krispies.  I was going to have a BIG bowl.  I was even going to sprinkle a bit of sugar on it. I even took a bowl out.  I went over to the cupboard.

Then I turned on my heel and opened up the refrigerator, took out the cottage cheese and the pineapple and had a nutritious snack.  It was filling, I was completely content and am now sitting with my green tea
(decaf) and catching up on some blogs.

I can't wait until my Tony class tonight!  I'll try and do more than I did on Tuesday.   

That's my goal - each class I want to do better than the class before.

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