Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Full of mixed emotions such as: motivated, embarrassed, empowered, disgusted, happy, encouraged, excited... If you can tell, the good outweigh the bad.

Tony Greco tonight kicked my ass. I'm just outlining the stations below for an example of what the class is like. It's in a clean building, all new equipment and there are 4 instructors. The class before mine had 36 people. Mine had 6. Which scared the bejeezus out of me at first, because there would only be one person per station. Then the rest of the class could look at me and see how ridiculous I looked (seriously, that's the way my mind thinks). But then each of the instructors introduced themselves to me and were super nice. They blared the music. And they play AWESOME workout music - (when it started off with "I've got a feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas I knew it was gonna be good). The trainers are super wicked during the class, they keep walking around commenting on your form, encouraging (read: yell) when you need it, they are concentrating on their clients 100%. Here are the stations:

1 - balancing on a bosu ball, lift a 25 lb weight (the circle ones, they look like a steering wheel? I can't remember the name of them) on top of your head. Go into a squat and make a big circle in front of you with the weight at the same time.
2 - On an absorption board, starting in a lunge position. Then bring back leg up into a high knee and hop up with other leg.
3 - With both your hands on a medicine ball, do 5 man push-ups. Then 5 (not sure what they are called) where you start in a push up position and then bring both feet up to your medicine ball. Then 5 squat - then jump up with the ball (like you are shooting a hoop)
4 - Lying down on a bench, do flys.
5 - Jump up over a pylon (well not a full size pylon, a short one), then jump with both legs on either side of the pylon, then another jump back. Repeat.
6 - Man push-ups with your hands on a balance board.
7 - On a bosu ball, bend forward at the hip (flat back) and do arm raises to the side
8 - In push up position, hands on barbells (resting on the ground) and bring one leg up to the barbell. Switch legs. Called the mountain climber?

8 stations. 45 seconds for each station. 3 rounds. After each round, we do 1 minute of cardio (first was jumping jacks with a squat in the middle, second was simply running on the spot with high knees). At the end of the final round we did 3 * 1 minute of ab work.

Some of the stations - I have to say - I just couldn't do. I think there are alot of reasons why
a) I'm out of shape
b) I haven't worked out since before the baby (besides walking/running),
c) I had a c-section 16 weeks ago.

But like Justin (one of the trainers) kept reminding me: this is my first class of many. I can't expect to be perfect. But he was the one who mainly followed me around and he said I had perfect form at each station and he looked rather shocked. I told him I had done the Lean and Fit program a few years ago.

I'm going to do this ladies. I had to go a bit early to register and was looking around - they had a wall of before and afters. And if these people can do it, so can I. I'm going to see what this body of mine can do. I'm excited to see how it changes the more I exercise. I want to see the pounds drop as I put the right foods into my body. I need to find the right foods to keep me fueled. I have a lot of work to do. But I'm excited, even giddy I think.

My mind is racing right now - but I'll continue posting as I work this through.

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Chantal said...

That is awesome Christy!

Anonymous said...

That's my daughter talkin' and I'm
such a proud Mum-- always have been.

JavaChick said...

Sounds like an awesome workoug. You'll be Lean and Fit again in no time, I'm sure!