Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm here.

Alive and doing well. Ok, so my eating isn't going as well as it should be. But considering it's the holidays and all, I'm doing A-ok.

Which brings me to my next problem. I did something to my knee. Well, I can't remember a certain incident in which I did something to it, but all of a sudden it hurts. Badly. Doing a squat or a lunge is painful. I wonder if it's all the jumping and squatting and lunging I do weekly. Carrying around all this extra weight has to be taking it's toll on my knees. Which makes me sad. I've never had anything come in the way between me and working out. I don't want to be one of those people who have to do lower impact because I'm fat (ok, because my knee is sore, but that's directly related to being fat). It makes me so very very very sad.

Oh well - I'm off to find out what year my Chariot (bike trailer) was made in, so I can figure out if the baby sling will work in it. As it gets colder I find it harder to stay outside with the baby, and my Chariot has a plastic covering overtop so he can stay nice and toasty and we can walk walk walk. At least that doesn't hurt my knee.

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JavaChick said...

Maybe you just need to ease off for a little while to let your knee get better. You might have done something to injure or put some strain on it without realizing it.

Teresa said...

Its easy to hurt yourself without even knowing you did. Take time to let it rest and heal. Have fun out walking the babes.

Chantal said...

lunges kill my knees I don't even do them anymore. I can't wait to get back out exercising again. Tomorrow I am on "try to induce labour mode" M has a Christmas party in the morning and after that I am going for a brisk walk :)