Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Despite "Rocking It"

I hopped on the scale this morning, thinking that seeing a lower number then I had seen on Saturday would make me smile (not that I needed it...) instead the number I saw made me angry! How am I UP 2.4 lbs?? You should have seen the steam coming out of my ears.

Ok, maybe no steam but seriously. I was ticked. I came downstairs and told Jeff I wasn't eating for the day. Ok, maybe I was being a little dramatic (seriously, don't get worried, I'm eating my oats right now).

That should teach me not to step on the scale when I'm not supposed to.

Maybe I should count calories. Right now I'm just following the "No processed foods" thing. I'm eating an extra 75 calories for each time I nurse the babe. I'm only eating when I'm hungry (and actually feel I'm somewhat in tune of being able to determine when I'm actually hungry) and filling up with fruits and veggies. But apparently it's not good enough.

I am toying with the idea of posting my daily menu, but that's boring, isn't it? Maybe I could write it in small text at the end of my post, I think it would only really benefit me.

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marie said...

I wouldn't worry too, too much.

My weight was WAY lower on Sunday than my weigh-in on Monday.

It happens.

But counting calories/points/something does help in the long run.

Teresa said...

That would have set me off too. Don't fret it probably last night's dinner. If posting helps go right ahead.

JavaChick said...

I used to write a short daily summary of my meals & snacks. It does help to make you think about what you are eating. If you can't use your own blog to help yourself, what's the point of having it I say...Don't worry about it being boring if that's what you think will help you.

Miss Gogo said...

Ugh, I hate when that happens. I personally find that either having a food journal or counting calories has attributed to my success. And I love food and love to hear what others eat so i don't find that boring at all! lol