Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Subconscience change....

This is somewhat embarrassing to admit.

When I started Tony Greco, I was rather self-conscious about my appearance (well, I suppose I still am) and surrounded by lean and fit (ha, get it, Lean and Fit?) people.

At the start of class, everyone stands around the outskirts of the gym watching the instructor (whom I have a little crush on. Sure he's probably 10 years my junior but cute with a strong booming voice) demonstrate each station. Then when he's done, everyone makes their way to a station and waits for the music to begin.

I used to scope out the people and maneuver my way to a station where at least one of the person is a little more like me. And "by me" I mean a little less lean and fit. This way, I was sure that they wouldn't be able to complete the full station, so if they took a break then it would be OK for me to take a break. I wouldn't be alone.

I realized tonight that when I chose my first station I caught myself looking for a group of people who I knew were strong and able to do better then I at the station. I've been going there almost 3 months now, so you get to know the people there. This way it would force me NOT to quit. I wouldn't be the only one admitting defeat, I would challenge myself and make myself keep up with them.

Sure I'm still self-conscious about how I look, but I know I'm strong and I know I can keep up with the best of them and so that's how I am going to tackle these classes.

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Teresa said...

What better than good old competition to keep you moving. This classes sounds tough! I think we all tend to want to hideout when starting a class. Keep up the terrific work.