Sunday, January 10, 2010

Losing the baby weight

Is it still baby weight if I am holding onto weight from my first pregnancy, 3 years ago? Probably not, but I've named my 26 week challenge "Losing the baby weight" anyways.

This was me the weekend before I got married, and about 6 months before I got pregnant.

This was me when Carson was one and I was headed back to work. I had still about 15 lbs left to lose from the picture above. But I never really lost it before I got pregnant again.

And well, I've already posted a brutal "NOW" picture. Which is actually before. BEFORE I start the X-weighted challenge. It would be awesome if I could lose the weight before the summer comes. So this is it ladies, it must be done. I'm the only one who can do it, I am totally in control of this challenge and whether I meet my goal or not.

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Miss Gogo said...

YOU are awesome! Weekends are hardest for me as well. Good for you for sticking to the plan and making healthy choices! And congrats on your 4lb weight loss! Holy cow! What a way to jump start your challenge!