Friday, January 22, 2010

Nasty nasty numbers take 2

Sorry I've been kind of MIA lately. I've lost my love of blogging. I looked back at my posts and they are all rather boring. I'm trying to think of ways to reconnect with blogging with hopefully more interesting, upbeat, useful, relevant and exciting stuff.

For now though.....

Despite really not wanting to, I decided to get myself weighed and my body fat % and BMI measured again. Why do I do this to myself? I did it back in November after I had been going to the gym for a couple of weeks with the intention of having it done once a month. December - whoops, but now here I am in January.

There is definite improvement (although I was secretly hoping for more) and that did include Christmas break. I am pleased with myself, and pretty sure that most of that weight loss (not that it was that big of a weight loss) has occurred in just the past couple of weeks. It seems that since I've started the baby on solid food, the weight has started to come off.

Or maybe it was signing up for the X-weighted challenge that's got me in the frame of mind to start losing again. I'm always way more determined when I have a specific goal in mind and when I weigh myself in weekly. The most successful weight loss I ever had was when I first started WW and was weighing-in once a week. In front of someone. It's like I was almost too embarrassed to NOT lose?

Either way, I'm on the right track and this week I've done really well so am hoping to see a good number on the scale on Saturday (the official WI day for the challenge is Monday, but I think I like my Saturday morning WI's better - we'll see)

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readytogo said...

Keep on blogging. I am a lurker, and check up b/c I totally relate to you. My baby was born in April 2009, and I still have at least 40lbs to lose. Just wanted to encourage you!