Friday, January 29, 2010

New Goal

My original goal for the X-weighted challenge was to run 10K in under one hour. I've done this in the past. I don't think I am anywhere near being able to accomplish that right now, but it may be too "easy" of a goal for me.

(I hate to blame it on the kids, but adding running on top of my 3 classes at the gym just ain't happening. Once the weather is nicer, I can run outside with the babe, but I did it last week and he started crying when I was about 3k from home so the run back totally broke my heart. I think he was cold despite being bundled up pretty well.)

I've been watching X-weighted (last night was Chris, the title was "ultimate body") and the show is so inspiring to me. I think my favourite so far is Debbi. A stay at home mom who used to be in shape (hello, me?) and wanting to be a fitness competitor. Now THAT's a goal.

Over the last little while I've been rethinking my goal. I've been thinking of all the things I've always said I wanted to do - once I lost the weight. And I know what it is. I've always wanted to do a triathlon. Now I know you are thinking WHOA......but wait, let me explain. There's this thing called a Sprint Tri and it's

500m swimming
22.8km biking
5km run

I can do all of those things. Separately. It would be a true test to do them all together. IN ONE SHOT.

There are a few things holding me back:

a) I don't know anyone else doing it, I always like having a partner in crime.
b) It's on the long weekend in May
c) It's on my birthday (I don't really care about the birthday part, it's more the fact that we like to go away on the long weekend)
d) I would have to wear a bathing suit. IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.
e) Sometimes trying new things scare me. If I had a trial triathlon so I would know exactly the logistics of putting on your suit, changing into something to bike in and then getting into the run, I would be more willing to try it. I just stress about stuff like this, so add that onto the stress of doing the actual swimming-biking-running... I don't know. Is that weird of me? Maybe I should find a message board/forum where people talk about it and I can ask my stupid questions so I will feel more prepared.

Part #1 Swim:

A reminder why I love my blog

It remembers things that I don't! My husband and I were just discussing the triathlon and I was thinking about the swimming part. I remember I had gone swimming a few times last winter, but I didn't remember the distance. This triathlon is 500m.

Sure enough, I checked my blog and voila! I swam 2000m in 45 minutes. And the triathlon is 500m swim. That solves the dilemna on whether I can do the swim or not.

Part #2 Bike:

I absolutely have not gone anywhere close to 22km on my bike in the past couple of years. But it's an easy one to train for. Not saying that biking is easy.... but I do have a bike trailer, so it would be something I could do WITH the kids. And if I can bike that far pulling a trailer, it would be much easier come race day.

Part #3 Run:

I could get myself back to running a 5K in no time. I wouldn't break any records, but I could do it without a question. Running is the one thing I can do, for sure.

Again - separately it sounds all fine and dandy. But in the same day? One after the other....? But that's what I wanted right. A challenge. And this would be quite the challenge. I have to mull it over a little bit more. I would like to say if it was on a different day, then I would absolutely sign up - but maybe that's just an excuse?

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Miss Gogo said...

Whoa. (I am bowing down to you). That would never be on my list of goals. You have the determination to do this Christy. Don't let the long weekend stop you. Yeah sure, at the end of the long weekend you could look back and say it was a fun long weekend but if you do the triatholon (sp?) you will be filled with so much joy and pride and it will over ride that you missed out on a "fun" time.
I say do it. (although no judgement if you choose not to participate) :o)