Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Monday, another weigh-in

A big whopping .4lbs down. Wowsers. All my hard work is really paying off isn't it?

I KNOW that what I'm doing is good. I know that cutting out treats, sweets, chocolate, ice cream & chips is going to pay off. Wait, scratch that, it has paid off. Even if the scale isn't showing it, I have no doubt in my mind that my body is in much better shape then it was 5 months ago.

I've been going to the gym religiously since November. My eating has improved tenfold, actually maybe fiftyfold, since Christmas. This is probably the healthiest my body has been. EVER. I'm proud of the foods I'm eating. I'm proud of the foods I'm NOT eating.

I've noticed a huge difference in my strength, my core, my stability & my endurance at the gym.

If only the damn scale would also show the results of my hard work.

Trust me, I'm trying to get over it. I'm trying to focus on everything else other than the scale. But I think after following weight watchers for so long, that's the only thing they really focus on. That's how they measure your success, by what the scale says. I'm trying to retrain how I think, but that will take time.

I'm doing things that are helping me focus on everything but the scale. I'm reading wonderful blogs of you wonderful readers who focus on everything but the darn scale. I will learn from you. I will.

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Amy said...

I just caught up on your No Boys Allowed blog. My god, you have the most gorgeous family.

Its so frustrating not to have the scale move isn't it?

I feel like I do everything right, and mine's not budging lately either which is making me feel like a huge failure.

Christy said...

Thanks Amy. It IS frusterating. I'm trying real hard to remember it's not the only way (nor the most important way) to measure our success but still ARGH.

Not that I'm happy that your scale isn't moving, but I'm a) happy to know I'm not alone and b)to be having the same problem as one of the healthiest blogging people I know!!

Julie said...

Don't make me drive down to Ottawa and smack you, LOL! Seriously thought, dont beat yourself up, its still going DOWN right? Better than UP! Its a LOT easier to gain than to lose. Im bad with scale focusing too but remember when you were writing each day 5 good things about your day? I think you need to do that again, it might help bring up your positivity and help you make some realizations :-) good luck with the next week. p.s. how's your water intake?