Monday, March 22, 2010


Going to Lean and Fit class 4 times
Taking 5 one hour walks (going at a quick pace)
Saying no to going out to dinner
Telling Jeff no, I don't want him to bring home wings
Only eating half my lunch when I went out to eat (it was breakfast, but at lunch time)

The scale showed a mere 0.8lbs lower than it showed last week. And that SUCKS. Last night I even posted on twitter:
I felt SO good all week, I felt like the pounds were just melting away. My clothes were looser, I was happier with what I saw in the mirror, I walked with an extra spring in my step.

After stepping on the scale, I could just feel my whole body droop. My posture got poor, my smile wasn't there, I looked at myself in the mirror and didn't like what I saw. Basically, I felt like eating a bag of chips.

Why do I let the scale dictate my mood like this? Why do I let some stupid number influence the way I see myself? My husband is threatening to throw the scale out and part of me wants to throw it out myself. I know you all get where I'm coming from. I need the scale to keep me motivated, to keep me on track. If I have a bad weekend and it shows a gain, I need to see that gain to remind myself what's at stake here. But, when it doesn't show the results I'm looking for, the results I feel I deserve, then it changes everything. Instead of feeling empowered, motivated and gung-ho, I feel poopy and depressed.

I am going to promise myself that I will only step one it once a week and if I am still having issues and letting it change my outlook on life then bye bye scale, you can go ruin someone else's life.

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desajair said...

Ya--I think you ate less than half of that lunch. 8) And remember remember remember--it's muscles girl! Muscles! Your clothes are looser--you're losing inches. Wouldn't you rather be STRONG than light? YES YES!

You're awesome. You're doing so well! Chin up young one--you're there!

marie said...

I used to weigh myself daily but now will only weigh myself once a week.
It's a REALLY hard habit to break, but you have to.

If you know you're eating the right things and moving as much as you can, it will move in the right direction.

Have faith in yourself and you won't have to rely so much on the scale.

Teresa said...

The scale has its ugly hands on my mood as well. I try and weigh once a week. Still not seeing results makes me blue too. You know you are doing the right stuff eventually you will see those numbers on the scale drop. Have a good week. You can do it.

Miss Gogo said...

Remember my post from a week or two ago? I too was depressed that my weight hadn't budged yet it was obvious I've lost inches. Next time you are at the gym, why don't you get your measurements taken?

Malinda said...

chuck that scale!
chuck that scale!
chuck that scale!

you are amazing and I hate to read about you feeling anything but awesome and amazing and beautiful and powerful... scale doesn't mean shit... period!

desajair said...

Ya--what Malinda said. 8)

Christy said...

THANK YOU ladies! It's always so easy to give advice to other people (and mean it with my whole heart!) but when you're in the same situation it's so much easier to beat yourself up over it. I have no idea why that is.

But you are all right, and this morning I am feeling MUCH better and ready to take this on!