Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Saturday night

We had a busy day, things were all out of whack. This is totally when I break down and eat crappy. I eat quickly which normally equals unhealthy.

My mom and Ricky had invited us for a lunch of smoked meat and homemade french fries. Who am I to say no? Another almost sure sign that the rest of my day goes to crap if I eat fries for lunch.

We served the kids dinner and Jeff and I hypothesized about what to eat for dinner. Should we order pizza? Should we get wings (for some reason we had a craving for wings for a few weeks now)? Oh oh oh wait, should we make nachos and use up that avocado sitting on my counter staring at me saying "make me into delicious guacamole". Time went on and what I ended up having was.... hummus/spinach/sprout/roasted red pepper/avocado wrap. Tada!

Christy - 1 Temptation - 0

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