Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You have no idea

How excited I am to get into bed tonight!

Here's a quick recap of my day.

6:30 wake up. Boys aren't up yet, watch Gossip Girl in bed
7:30 boys wake up. Cuddle, get dressed, come downstairs
8:00 breakfast. We all eat different things - mommy makes 3 breakfasts!
9:00 baby goes down for nap, Carson and I play in the basement
11 baby is up, we get dressed and go to park!
12:30 come home for lunch. Mommy makes 3 lunches!
1:30 naptime
3:00 get up, get dressed and drive to park to meet friends
4:45 leave park and drive home to make dinner
5:30 family sits down for dinner, mommy doesn't eat b/c she's going to the gym
6:15-7 at the gym!
7:15 get home, husband reminds me of appt to donate blood at 7. Whoops
7:30 at blood clinic, give blood and home by....

Now. 8:30. Sitting down to dinner (fish, salad, broccoli) and soon I will be lying, horizontal (heh, as if there is any other way), watch House from last night and go to bed.

Tomorrow morning, repeat.

4 people had this to say:

Sonya said...

Can you say, SUPER mom? Wowza.

Now, here's my question. How did you whip dinner together so quickly? There is NO way I could get home and throw dinner together in 45 minutes.

Christy said...

I should have added that during their nap, I got dinner together. I marinated the fish, I made a salad and cut up the broccoli so it was all ready to be cooked when I got home. I really need to start utilizing quiet time during the day to get my dinner together.

Having said that, I have NO idea how I am going to do it when I head back to work. I'm only able to do it because I'm still at home.

So I'll be looking to YOU for ideas :)

Julie said...

wow.... sounds like my day but with the mommy twist to it lol. btw, p.s. if you email me your email address i can send u and invite to my new weight loss blog, its currently private bc of the pics and weight posting, maybe ill make it public later on.. my email canadafoxx@hotmail.com

Teresa said...

Its a busy day when you have two little guys to take care of. Thank goodness you have a schedule and are organized makes things a little easier. Take care remember Mom needs some TLC too.