Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't have the time...

To make sure I'm making sense here, so bare with me.

Preface: I got home from a long day out (we left the house at 11 and came back at 7:30, with a 3 year old and a 9 month old!) and both kids are ZONKED. I get them to bed, come downstairs to check my emailfacebookblogs and enter in my calories for the day, and get to bed as soon as possible.

Remember: I was out all day, none of my lunches were planned (everything was kind of last minute) so I didn't eat the greatest.

The thing that I wanted to talk about, was that with counting WW points all day I was adding up points in my head and then the number got past my daily allowance, I stopped counting. But didn't necessarily stop eating. That way I could make myself believe I was following WW, but really I just wasn't ready to get serious.

Then I joined sparkpeople. And I made myself promise that every single day I would write every single thing that went in my mouth. And I've been doing it.

So I came home tonight and started adding my food in. To do this, a separate window appears where I enter the food and it doesn't show the calories as I am adding it, it just says Add Food. So I do. I can't see the running tally, so I don't stop adding once I get to my alotted calories.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Anyways, I find it really keeps me honest. And it's not like if I don't like the number that shows after I am done entering in all my daily eats, I delete them. I leave them there.

Another thumb's up for Spark People!

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Teresa said...

If it helps why not. Good luck in your continued efforts.