Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spark People

After seeing Amy's post about using SparkPeople, I followed suit and started using it last week and one thing I can say, is it's a total eye opener when you start tracking the calories you eat.

I love how it not only tracks calories, but I'm keeping my eye on carbs, sugar, fat and protein. They give you a range of what your daily intake should be, and it shows how much you've consumed so when it comes to snack time I know what type of things I should be having.

See the range at the bottom?

It has a lot of food in it's database and adding your own is simple enough. The first couple of days it's rather time consuming, but then once I've added in some of my own foods, recorded some of my meals (which you can then copy to another day) it starts getting easier.

I'm aiming for 1800 calories on the days that I go to my lean and fit class, and 1300 on my days off (see why). On my "off days" I'm trying to get out for an hour walk (with or without my kiddies) and next week I'm starting to run 1/2 hour a day 3 times a week. That's not alot, I understand, but it's a start. I can't afford that much time outside Tony Greco (you know, being a stay at home mom, you don't have alot of time to get out by yourself) but I figure I can head out first thing in the morning or after the kidlets go to bed.

Now to psyche myself up, headed to my nephew's 1st communion and then the whole family (17 of us, it's quite the gong show) is headed to Biaggio's for a buffet.

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Teresa said...

Hope you had a good weekend. Good luck with the tracking.

Chantal said...

I have heard of Spark People. I think Lynn from Turtlehead uses it as well.