Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm a thief!

I stole a delicious recipe idea from Angela over at www.ohsheglows.com (actually, I probably steal more ideas then just this one, there are so many to choose from!) who compared the dish to something you would get at Fresh (which my lovely friend Sonya told me about and we met at in Toronto! and I wish wish wish we had one in Ottawa)

I used quinoa as the base and topped it with carmelized onions, mushrooms and asparagus. Chickpeas and I added my favourite thing in the world - avocado. And it was in one word? DIVINE!

After the picture, I added a sprinkle of goat's cheese on top. MmmmMMMmmm

I made 4 dishes from the original recipe, my lunch for the rest of the week! If you know me, I have two small kids at home and lunch time is a bit umm let's say chaotic. So knowing I have my lunches all ready? Awesome.

Now someone just has to come up with a way to preserve avocado so you can use it the day after it's already been cut into.

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M&A said...

I'm going to be trying that later this week. I feel your lunchtime pain. It got a lot easier when DD got some back teeth and could chew properly! But I'm pretty lucky: both kids eat almost anything!

Anonymous said...

ok, LOVE your blog. Read it all the time for inspiration. Just had my 4th baby and also follow WW and am am at home mom. I relate to so much of what you say.

What is quinoa???
AmyW, chicago, IL.

Christy said...

You ARE lucky that your kids eat almost anything! I can't wait till I can get at least the kids eating the same thing. I am so not into the whole making two meals (and I don't at supper time), but at lunch I normally eat salad or something along those lines and DS is not into salads.

Ok - 4th baby? You are MY inspiration!! Quinoa is a grain, similar (at least in size and kind of texture) to couscous. I buy the Bob's REd Mill brand (the same brand as the steel cut oats I buy) and it's easy to cook and so versatile. And 1 cup of quinoa has over 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fibre!!

Thanks for reading :)

JavaChick said...

About the avocado - I was using half at a time in my lunches last summer and what I would do is cut the avocado in half and scoop out the avocado from the half that didn't have the pit. Then, leaving the pit in the other half, I'd take the avocado skin and match it back up with the edges, then wrap the whole thing up with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. It seemed to keep okay until the next day.

Christy said...

Thank you for the tip! The next avocado I open, I'm going to try it. I will owe you serious big time if this works!