Sunday, April 25, 2010

I need your help!

Do any of you ever go to Viatnamese restaurants to eat or take-out? It's one of my favourite types of foods.

Was waiting for baby to wake up from nap to go do groceries, then it got so late we decided to go to a fast dinner (our fridge is empty!), plans changed yet again when he he woke up with a fever and was really sad. The only place he was happy was on my chest. So I told Jeff and Carson to go out for dinner and bring me home Viatnamese.


So I ordered a steamed vermicelli with grilled beef & chicken and two rice paper rolls (with shrimp).

Looking back it would have made total sense to take a picture of my dinner before it ended up in my tummy, but I am still getting used to taking pictures of food. My camera is normally focussed on my two children, so I have to make a mental note to start taking it in the kitchen more often.

But you know the dish I am talking about, right?

The big bed of vermicelli with a skewer or beef, with shredded lettuce mixed with mint, carrots and bean sprouts and a sprinkle of peanuts? A little dish of fish sauce (mixed with something) on the side that you pour over the whole pate?

We had a busy day and I still had about 1000 calories left so I thought I had room. I looked up the nutritional information in spark people and this is what it says for the vermicelli dish.

368 calories, 17 grams of fat, 22 grams of protein and 4 grams of dietary fibre? I thought it would be way higher in calories and fat and lower when it comes to protein and dietary fibre.

So what do you think - is it accurate? I looked over 10 or 12 entries from different users and this was pretty much the middle of the row.

It would make me SO happy if it was right!

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sonya said...

Hey you,

You're doing awesome awesome awesome.

Please disregard the evil digital monster, and go by how you're *feeling*. It's how you feel in your heart. Don't let a silly number marginalize you, especially when you're doing everything you can right now. I"m proud of you!

As for the vietnamese dish (i loooooove vietnamese food too), it is definitely fairly low-cal. The only thing that might impact what you ate, is the fact that there is sesame oil (or something like that) mixed in with your noodles. Otherwise, it makes sense: noodles, grilled meat, and veggies.