Sunday, May 30, 2010

News Flash!

Alert Alert: Exercise is good for you!

Ever since I started running again (which I have to say I am SO happy about), my knee has been acting up. I've never really had sore or weak knees so I'm not sure how to describe the pain. It hurts most when I am going up or down the stairs (which, being at home with two young kids, I do at least 30 times a day).

It's been really bad the past two days. The past two days I also have not gone to Lean and Fit. This morning I was even considering not going to class because my knee hurt so much. But I sucked it up and went. During the class it only hurt while doing ski lunges, and it didn't really hurt as much as it was just annoying.

Ran the hills no problem (eek, they are getting a fresh load of sand, they think it's getting too easy on us because the sand is packed down in some places) and the rest of the day my knee is A-OK. Whaddya know - exercise is good for you :)

Today was race weekend, one I have participated in more than once. I was strangely saddened that I wasn't running this year. So sad that in fact, I have made the decision (and pact!) that I will be running in next year. So it's only 12 months notice, but this weekend, next year, I will be writing to report on my race.

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Teresa said...

Hope your knee is back in tip top shape soon. Congrats on sticking through you class. Keep well

Miss Gogo said...

I'm having the EXACT same problem with my knee. It's bothersome doing stairs and sometimes squats at the gym. And i could go up the stairs 3 times in a day and all of a suddent he 4th time it hurts! Weird....Hope your knee feels better!