Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weigh-in #4


It sucks. I actually exercised. I tracked. I was expecting a good loss.

But this is what it's all about, right? Staying on track, KNOWING that all my hard work will pay off, even if not immediately.

Life is so busy these days. Just today, I went to work, went to Carson's end of school recital, took Beckett to his chiropractor appointment, made supper, ate supper, went to WW, went to do a bit of shopping, we are leaving for PEI on Friday so I had to pick up presents for all the kids (we don't send one at birthday times, we just all exchange during the summer while we are there). But even despite every night being insanely busy, I'm doing well mentally and physically. I wish I hadn't have weighed in, I would be in a much better mood right now.

Really boring post, my apologies.

5 people had this to say:

Amy said...

You've been rocking it... just keep on trucking Christy! You can do it!

Have an amazing time in PEI!

ps: Why does Beckett need the chiro?

Christy said...

The weather isn't looking so hot for PEI, but am excited to see family & friends. And a break from work with my husband and my kiddies is going to be awesome :)

Beckett has asthma, and he's gone to a chiropractor a few times and it's really helped. The misalignment in his spine was causing all the stuffiness, wheezing and rattle in his chest. I'm totally sold on going to the chiropractor instead of using a puffer.

Teresa said...

Have a wonderful vacation. Do hope the weatherman is wrong and you get great weather. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your time away.

Amy said...

Wow.. I'd never heard for the chiro for asthma. Will have to tell my bro about that!

JavaChick said...

The weather has not been great on the East Coast, that's for sure. It's definitely time for things to turn around.

Have a great vacation and don't worry about the weigh in. If you keep up the hard work, good weigh ins are bound to follow.