Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dinner, Tony and Beckett

Girls night out. Love it. We went and sat on the patio at Stoneface Dolly's and shared some delicious food. My meal was almond crusted chicken on garlic mashed potatoes with sauteed vegetables.

And you know what? I actually DID go to the gym to get my sweat on to make room for dinner.

The next day I worked out at lunch time and tried to get a few pictures of the class....

Me: before

Room all set up for the class:

Me: after the class. You can't tell with the crappy iphone picture but I'm schweaty.

Full body shot. Not that I didn't want to include my face, I just didn't want to keep trying to take my picture and get a good shot - people were watching!

I just had to post this. My youngest son, Beckett, who's regular spot is on top of the kitchen counter while I'm in the kitchen. We call it his roost. Funny thing, when i was young I can totally remember being a counter sitter too!

He's just so cute I had to add another one. And yes, status quo for the men in my family to only wear pants and no shirt.
Ahhh, a beautiful sunrise. See the beauty of nature you get to see when you are up at the crack of dawn?

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Amy said...

You're the best.

That is all. xo

JavaChick said...

Sunrise? What's that?

Great photos!