Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh my! Yummy!

On my daily read of all my favourite blogs, I came across this one that kind of piqued my interest on Amy's site. Like really, how can something entitled Mmmm sauce NOT pique your interest.

And I'm not sure if I have ever talked about my love-obsession for any type of sauce. Dip, gravy, chutney, salsa, dressing, glaze, you name a semi-solid food served on food, and I'm sure I love it.

So - interest piqued.

Through this Mmm sauce link, I found the wonderful Mama Pea website. Specifically, the Mmm sauce refers to being served with broiled tofu. I'm slowly starting to introduce more non-meat dinners (much to the dislike of my husband). Carson doesn't really like meat, so I'm trying to bring different protein sources into our diet.

While Jeff and Carson were away (they left last Thursday, I cant wait for them to come home tonight!) I found it VERY hard to cook for just us. There were alot of sandwiches, soup, picky meals (crackers, grapes, cheese, milk, cucumbers etc...) but on Sunday night I decided to try my hand at cooking with tofu. Please note, I've never cooked with tofu.

I've eaten it several times, but me myself? I have never cooked with it.

There's a first time for everythign right? I pressed and marinated the tofu as told (looking back, I cut it into too small pieces, would have been easier to flip in the oven if the pieces were bigger). I marinated it for TWO nights (should have been one, my mom called last minute to take Beckett and I out to dinner with the twins). Last night I set to work.

I made the rice. I made the sauce (VERY easy!). I broiled the tofu, I stir fried some veggies.

I piled it all together (rice, veggies, tofu, dressing) and tasted it.

It was absolutely delicious.

I am so excited to find a new recipe - I don't know about freezing tofu (anyone have any suggestions or want to let me know how it freezes?), but this would be a great meal to freeze in lunch sized portions.


Here are some notsogood pictures (ever since I got an iphone, I take pictures only with it, my camera hasn't come out of hiding in almost a year I think - I must rectify this).

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Chantal said...

I am totally going to try this. My understanding is that firm tofu is the easiest to freeze because it already has a hard texture. Silken is the worse because freezing changes the texture to something you may not want. Other than that there is no change in taste.

Christy said...

Chantal - you will be so happy you did. The texture of the tofu is amazing, the sauce is DELICIOUS (could use it for all different types of meals). Thanks for the tip on freezing. I only made enough for 3 meals, so it's my lunch for today and tomorrow. Next time I will double the recipe and freeze it.

Amy said...

Amazing, right?! Best sauce EVER!

JavaChick said...

I have made frozen meals with tofu and they thawed/reheated just fine. I always buy firm tofu (as Chantal mentioned) and I've never had any problems.

I love Peas and Thank-you and I keep meaning to try that Mmmm sauce. I prefer vegetarian meals (not a fan of meat myself) but my Husband won't go for it. He likes tofu, but he likes it with meat. :)

Christy said...

Amy - the sauce is SO good. Have you tried freezing the sauce?

Javachick - Whenever I make a meatless dinner my husband says - this would be awesome with chicken/beef on top. *sigh* Thanks for the tip on the tofu, now I know to double the recipe...mmmm!