Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekend warrior

I strained my medial gastroc. This is what the internet has told me about it:

A medial calf injury is a musculotendinous disruption of varying degrees in the medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle that results from an acute, forceful push-off with the foot. This injury occurs commonly in sports activities (eg, hill running, jumping, tennis), but it can occur in any activity. A medial calf injury is often seen in the intermittently active athlete, often referred to as the "weekend warrior."

The description is exactly how it happened (forceful push off with the foot), and I suppose I can be classified as an intermittenly active athlete. One day, I hope to be a full time active athlete :)

I'm feeling better after the ultrasound last night (the ultrasound on my LEG people). I have a few exercises now to do while I'm sitting at my desk all day long. 3 weeks until I can go back to Tony Greco though. As soon as my husband gets back (he left with my oldest son to PEI for 6 days) I will head back to yoga and maybe try some swimming (although lane swimming times isn't exactly conducive to being a mother).

So I'm not as stressed out as I was, I know I will get back into it as soon as I've healed, and I just need to look at different ways to stay active without doing something to prolong my recovery stage.

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JavaChick said...

glad it's nothing more serious. you'll be back in commission soon!