Friday, September 9, 2011

Balanced School Day

My oldest son, Carson, just started FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN yesterday. He's 4.

This is him because I know you want to see him

At his school, they have what's called a "Balanced School Day". This term applies to both to their blocks of learning as well as their lunch & recesses.

In terms of lunch - rather than having one lunch with two recesses (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) they have two "nutrition breaks" which consist of 25 minutes of outdoor play, followed by 20 minutes of "food break".

So now, for the first time, I've started to make lunches for Carson. Up until now, his daycare has always provided his food. And not only do I have to make one lunch, I have to make TWO.

I bought these Easy Lunch Boxes, and so far, they are awesome. Typically my kids eat a meal consisting of a few different things (I try my best to have each of the food groups represented) so I thought these containers would do the job perfectly. It's only day 2, but so far, total success.

Then I started looking at the easylunchbox website (they have a great spot with many different ideas for lunches, great tool for parents) and thought - hey, maybe this is how *I* should be packing my lunch? I always feel more satisfied when I have a few different things to eat rather than one big bowl of something.

These are the benefits listed for a balanced school day, and if they can apply to our children, then by proxy I would assume they apply to us as well:

  • More uninterrupted instructional time
  • Enhanced learning environment
  • Improved student concentration and energy levels
  • Greater task completion for both students and educators
  • Positive influence on student achievement and health
  • More time for students to relax and enjoy their lunch
  • Improved physical fitness for both students and educators
  • More time for daily physical activity and play
This morning I tried it out....

For breakfast (after a workout): 1/2c. cottage, cheese, 1.5c pineapple, 1 WW flatbread (total 5 points)

I think I will start using these more often (and it means I won't have to bring fifteen tupperware containers to work!)

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Teresa said...

Hope he has a great year in school. Organization and planning are definitely a key to success. Happy weekend.