Monday, September 12, 2011

Why do I struggle so?

I really need to revisit tricks and tips to eating well when you socialize. Because this, my friends, is hard for me. Take this past week:

-I had dinner out with friends one night,
-my mom took the boys and I out to dinner another night
- we went up to a friend's cottage on Saturday (lunch and dinner)
- we went to my brother's house for brunch on Sunday
- we entertained on sunday night

I know how to do this. I really do. I exercise to have a few extra points on the days when I know I may need some wiggle room. I eat very low point meals the rest of the day, so to leave myself with the max number of points possible for the meal I'm worried about. When I'm going to a brunch/cottage/whatever, I bring a veggie or fruit platter, so I know there's something there that's points friendly for me. When I'm at someone's house when they are entertaining, I keep myself busy by offering to help do dishes, playing with the kids, sitting away from the table of food...

But then I walk by the table of timbits, there's no one else in the room. And I eat SIX. yes, SIX.

And then when I'm home, freezing the banana bread I made (to use up the bananas) and I have two pieces, because there happens to be butter left out from the night before's dinner. Of course, no one is watching. Because you know, I had timbits, so the day is shot... may as well finish it off.

Despite having this conversation with my husband. About how I am struggling. About the 6 timbits. He tells me that it's done, it's over, just move on and don't let it affect the rest of my day. Yet that's exactly what I do!

Ok, so it's Monday, I'm feeling motivated. I'm going to weigh in tomorrow night no matter how much I know it's not going to be exactly encouraging.

And tonight? Dinner at my sister's house because my parents are still visiting from Edmonton. I love how we are surrounded by a ton of friends, family, and I wouldn't change that for the world... BUT for 60 weeks if I could eat everything at home, it would be so much easier.

No one said this would be easy though.

On the bright side, here's my lunch. See - when I'm planning and in FULL control... I can do this!

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Chantal said...

you can!!! :)

Julie said...

Go girl!! Love your motivation!!! By the way, did you think maybe eating a broth based veggie soup ( like the WW zero points soup) before going 'out' to eat might help you keep your choices healthy and not binging, because you will not be starrrrrvingggg from eating low-point meals during the daytime..just a suggestion ;-)

skinny latte said...

I wish I had the answer for you hon...because your husband is completely right. You can't let a little slip up ruin your day and be an excuse to throw in the towel. Don't "start again tomorrow", start again right that minute. You have to challenge the thoughts when they come up. When you start thinking "oh this day is ruined now food wise, I might as well keep going", no. Stop. Challenge that thought. I used to say to myself "I am not wasting all my hard work. I am a healthy person and the next thing I put in my mouth will be a conscious, healthy choice." Don't beat yourself up, just learn from it, shrug it off and keep going. Because that's when the real change happens, when you keep going.

I know you can do it!! xx

Teresa said...

Excellent advice from everyone. Might I add, Relax you can do it!

Christy said...

Thanks for the advice ladies - and Phill, thank you for saying that when you keep going is when the real change happens - it's a keeper thought for me!

I don't know what I would do without you guys.

JavaChick said...

I would have a tough time with so many social events going on to. Just keep doing the best you can. One slip up isn't the end of the world, pick up and keep going. You can do this!